Everything you need to know about acrylic kitchen cabinets

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Have you just heard of a new material used in modular kitchen cabinets? Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen with acrylic kitchen cabinets? Well, then you must know everything related to acrylic kitchen cabinets.

How acrylic kitchen cabinets are made, the types of acrylic kitchen cabinets, their benefits, drawbacks, cost, and maintenance. And how is it different from the popular laminates?

You must be aware of all the qualities before jumping into the final decision about modular kitchen designs- should you choose acrylic kitchen cabinets or should you think of something else?

We have done the extensive task of research for you. This includes all the answers to your possible queries regarding acrylic kitchen design and cabinets.

We also have included some ideas and pictures of beautiful acrylic kitchen cabinets to help you guide through the journey of remodeling and furnishing your new kitchen.

What are Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets?

Put it simply, Acrylic finish is a glossy smooth surface material that gives a seamless high-end appearance to your kitchen cabinets. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t chip or scratch easily and can last for years with little maintenance. It is made of synthetic resin which has a rich smooth finish close to lacquer glass.

Because of its high-shine high-gloss properties, it’s gaining popularity among interior designers and homeowners who wish to own a sleek and stylish acrylic modular kitchen. Besides being scratch-resistant, acrylic sheets are also resistant to heat. It’s also known as Crylite, Plexiglass, Perspex, Optix, Leucite, and Altuglas.

Contrary to the common belief, acrylic cabinets are not always glossy. If you don’t know, there are plenty of matte acrylic cabinets of different colors and textures. And we have some great kitchen ideas on how to flaunt a matte acrylic kitchen. So continue reading!

How Acrylic kitchen cabinets are made?

Acrylic cabinets are usually made of hardwood or MDF which is then wrapped with acrylic sheets of your choice. But there are also solid acrylic cabinets which are a little more expensive. These sheets come in a variety of colour and wooden finishes of different textures.

Commonly, there are two types of acrylic kitchen cabinets: solid acrylic cabinets and acrylic-faced cabinets.

The Different Types of  Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets:

1.Solid acrylic cabinetshave doors entirely made of acrylic. They have a better finish and the colors are more vibrant as compared to acrylic-faced cabinets. As mentioned earlier they are slightly more expensive.

2. Acrylic-faced cabinets on the other hand are made using acrylic sheets which are put on top of solid wood or MDF. The sheets are then covered with a protective layer and the edges are being sealed so that you get a smooth and even finish all the way through. Because they are less expensive they are more popular choices in India.

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet cost

The reasons behind acrylic kitchen cabinets being expensive are- they are scratch-proof and super-duper smooth.

Depending on the type of finish- matte, semi-gloss, high definition gloss the prices of acrylic kitchen cabinets can vary from around ₹ 500 per sqft to ₹3000 or more. Using high-gloss solid acrylic doors for the entire kitchen cabinets can cost you around 2 lakhs or even more.

Here is a table representing acrylic kitchen costs:

Finish/GlossMaterialCost Per Sq Ft ( INR )
Acrylic Matte   MDF500-800 
Acrylic Semi-glossMDF800-1200
Acrylic Semi-glossSolid Acrylic1350-2000
Acrylic High-glossMDF1350-2000 and up
Acrylic High-glossSolid Acrylic3000 and up

High gloss acrylic is more ideal for kitchen cabinets with even surfaces. They are highly reflective so they look their best in modern industrial-style kitchens. If you don’t prefer gloss or are afraid of the stains, wear and tear daily, opt for the matte and semi-gloss acrylic finish. They are more cost-effective.

You can also use high-gloss acrylic on the lower cabinets and high-gloss on the upper cabinets to reduce the risk of staining.

How to maintain acrylic kitchen cabinets to make them last longer?

  • For best results take a microfiber cloth or chamois cloth and use mild-soapy water to clean the surface once a month. If you don’t have one, use a soft cotton t-shirt.
  • Never dry wipe an acrylic finish if you want the gloss to last for years.
  • Wipe off the spills from oils and foods immediately to prevent discoloration.
  • Make sure you don’t keep wet clothes or towels hanging on the cabinet door as moisture can damage the finish.
  • Never ever use harsh chemical cleaners. If you use one make sure it’s free of any abrasive chemicals that can cause potential damage.
  • Do not use plastic scourers, scrappers, brushes to clean your cabinets. Even, avoid using paper towels too.
  • It’s better if you stay away from high-gloss cabinets.

Benefits of Acrylic Cabinets:

High-end contemporary look:

Acrylics are high in gloss, smooth, and sleek when compared to laminates. They reflect better which is comparable to lacquer but at a much cheaper price.

 Better resistance to daily wear and tear: 

Acrylics are tough and can resist wear and tear much better. Unlike laminates, they don’t peel off so easily.

Wide range of colors and finishes:

They are available in brilliant textures, vivid colors, and finishes- both matte and gloss suitable for kitchen cabinets as well as for kitchen backsplashes.

Color guaranteed:

Acrylic kitchen cabinets are UV resistant which makes them a better choice for tropical climates like India. They resist heat better so the color retains its brightness and hue for years.

Low maintenance:

Also, these are resistant to moisture making it easy for you to clean off any spillage with normal soap and water.

Some disadvantages of Acrylic Cabinets:

Fingerprints are more noticeable:

Fingerprints become more noticeable on a high-gloss surface, especially when it’s dark. It might also catch minor scratches and food stains due to careless handling.


Acrylics are always more expensive. Almost double the amount of laminates over plywood.

The difference in color shade:

If you ever need to change a part of your existing kitchen cabinetry you might not find the exact color match after years of repetitive use.

Laminate Vs Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

Laminates are synthetic compound materials frequently used in making modular kitchen cabinets. They are made by pressing layers of flat papers of synthetic resins together using high-pressure automated machines. The topmost layer has decorative patterns and different finishes or textures.

Acrylic and Laminate Kitchen Cabinets Side-by-Side Comparison

FeaturesAcrylic Kitchen CabinetsLaminates
AestheticsSuper glossy and smooth acrylics are preferred options for a high-end modern kitchen appearance. They are rich and more vibrant.Glossy laminates are available in the market. But they are still not as glossy as acrylics. So, the final outlook is muted and doesn’t have that acrylic glare.
DurabilityAcrylics don’t chip, delaminate or fade away with time. They retain their color and smooth glossy appearance for many decades. Laminates are also highly durable. But they can chip and once they are chipped they are not repairable.
Color optionsAcrylics come in a wide variety of colors and finishes-matte, gloss, and ultra-high gloss.Laminates are also available in a wide range of colors, and finishes. It includes- matte, gloss, high gloss, and wooden. Different textures are also available like wooden, stone, marble, etc. 
Scratch resistanceThey tend to get some scratches over the years as they are not entirely scratch resistant but they don’t lose their visual appeal.Laminates are highly resistant to scratch and abrasion.
CleaningNeeds to be cleaned with soap and water.Can be easily cleaned with regular wiping.
CostMore expensive. Typically starts from 800 Rs per sqft and can go to above 3000 per sqft or more.Affordable budget-friendly options. Rates start from 600 Rs per sqft.

What is the best choice for your kitchen?

If you can commit to the maintenance required for acrylic kitchens there is nothing like it. They are the most preferred option for high-shine premium-looking modular kitchen cabinets. They tend to get some minor scratches with time but they never lose their visual appearance.

If you think acrylics are too high maintenance opt for the most trending modular kitchen today- hybrid kitchen cabinets of both acrylic and laminates. You can choose two different color combinations and textures that complement each other.

Given the fact that most lighting will be used to highlight the upper cabinets, use acrylic for glossy, smooth, seamless kitchen cabinets. You can also avoid the risk of spillage and scratch marks or fingerprints.   

Since, lower cabinets have to withstand more wear and tear, choose laminates, as laminates are highly resistant to scratches and abrasion and need little care and maintenance. You can easily wipe the dirt off with clean clothes.

Some Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

Incorptaing both laminate and acrylic kitchen cabinets:

This kitchen is using laminate cabinets on the lower cupboards and acrylic cabinets for the upper ones. The designer has chosen two contrasting colors lemon green and beige cabinets paired with a wooden tile floor.

High gloss acrylic kitchen cabinets with bold colors

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you love bright colors, you will love this kitchen which uses orange and white gloss acrylic kitchen cabinets in contrast to each. The warm colors look inviting and the high-shine cabinets give it a classy rich modern outlook.

White gloss acrylic kitchen

Image Credit: Pinterest

Look at this beautiful smooth, seamless kitchen. The acrylic cabinets look all worthy in the picture. The way it’s reflecting lights in making the space feel larger. All white acrylic kitchen cabinets also work great for tiny kitchens making it feel spacious than it is.

Grey acrylic kitchen cabinets

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you have plenty of light in your kitchen grey acrylic cabinets can look as good as white acrylic cabinets. The designer of the kitchen has used metal grey acrylic cabinets and metal hardware which looks classy, very bold, and daring. It’s perfect if you have a large kitchen space.


Our final thoughts on acrylic kitchen cabinets are on the favorable side. Considering they last for years without losing their shine, smoothness, and visual appeal they are surely the best choice for a modern sleek seamless kitchen.

Now comparing them with laminates, acrylics are a little high-maintenance. Rough handling can leave some scratch marks on them. They need to be cleaned with mild soap and water. If you can take care of these facts- go for it, don’t think twice. They don’t chip off and will remain glossy, shiny, and vibrant for decades.

If you cannot decide what to go for laminates or acrylic cupboards- you can choose laminates for the lower cabinets and acrylic for the upper cabinets.

Decide your budget, think about how you will use it, and most importantly figure out your preferences.

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