How to Hide or Decorate Split AC Pipe

hide split ac pipe
Rashmi Malhotra

The Split AC is a widely favoured air conditioning system for Indian homes and residential areas. Its indoor unit is typically wall-mounted, while the outdoor unit is connected to it through copper piping. However, the presence of these visible copper pipes on the wall can be unsightly and negatively impact the aesthetic appeal of our Indian home decor. In this post we suggest simple and creative ways to hide split AC pipe.

Use PVC Pipe

Use PVC Pipe
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You can easily conceal the unsightly copper piping by using a PVC pipe. Consider painting the PVC pipe the same colour as the wall for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and avoid corrosion damage. You can achieve this by using spray paint in various colours.

A PVC wiring duct, found at electrical shops, is the ideal method to cover & hide and split AC pipe. Look for a duct with 2.5 x 2.5 inches dimensions, which should work well for this purpose. Alternatively, similar products are designed specifically for hiding such lines online.

However, it’s important to note that this method may not be suitable for concealing drain pipes that collect water within the room. In such cases, alternative solutions might be required.

Creative Ideas to Hide AC Pipes

Creative Ideas to Hide AC Pipes
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The primary issue with an AC’s piping is its unappealing appearance. However, there are numerous creative ideas to mask this ugliness and enhance the aesthetics.

One simple approach is to wrap artificial leaves or vines around the AC line. Before doing so, ensure the copper pipe is well-insulated with tape or cloth for protection.

You can find these decorative items at flower shops or decor stores. Unleash your imagination and add decor elements to transform the unsightly look into an attractive feature. With creativity, your AC piping can become an integral part of your decor rather than an eyesore.

Don’ts to Hide the Pipe

Don'ts to Hide the Pipe
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Some individuals conceal the copper piping within the wall by creating a cavity and covering it with materials like pop, gypsum, or cement. While this may seem appealing, it poses a challenge when upgrading to a newer split AC unit. Removing the wall covering (POP) becomes necessary to replace the piping, and using the old AC pipe with a newer AC is not advisable.

In India, the average lifespan of a split AC is around 3-5 years. Consequently, one must undertake this process every 3-5 years if they hide split AC pipe within the wall.

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Ultimately, striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics is key. Using PVC pipes and creative decor ideas can successfully address the issue of unsightly AC piping, enhancing the overall appeal of the living space and creating a more pleasant and comfortable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide the unsightly copper piping of my split AC system?

Yes, you can hide the copper piping of your split AC system using a PVC pipe. This will help conceal the piping and improve the overall appearance of your Indian home.

How can I make the PVC pipe look more attractive?

To make the PVC pipe blend seamlessly with the wall, consider painting it in the same colour as the wall using spray paint in various colours. This will enhance the aesthetics and make the piping less noticeable.

Where can I find the PVC wiring duct to hide split AC pipe?

You can find PVC wiring ducts at electrical shops. Look for a duct with 2.5 x 2.5 inches dimensions, which should be suitable for concealing the AC piping. Alternatively, similar products may be available online.

Can I use the same concealed AC piping when upgrading to a newer AC unit?

Using the old AC piping with a newer unit is not advisable. The process of hiding the piping within the wall using materials like pop, gypsum, or cement may make it difficult to replace the piping when upgrading to a newer AC system.

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