BLDC Fan – What you Need to Know and Where to Buy Them?

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Looking for a reliable and efficient way to keep your device cool? Check out a BLDC fan! These fans are powered by electricity and offer high performance cooling. Plus, they’re easy to install and use! Read on to learn more about BLDC fan technology and how it can benefit you.

Technology has changed everything, be it a life saving medicine or the way we consume entertainment so it is needless to say how the machines around us are evolving into finer ones. When it comes to a remote control, we immediately think of TV then Air conditioners came with remote controls and nowadays even fans can be remote controlled.

But remote controls are not the only new upgrade for fans. Like how Tv’s evolved from CRT to LCD to LED, the next big thing in fans could be Brushless DC electric motors.

In this article we will see about the basic working of Brushless DC (BLDC) electric motors, their advantages and disadvantages.

What are BLDC Motor Fans?

BLDC Motor Fans
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BLDC full form is BrushLess Direct Current. The main difference between Brushed DC motors and brushless ones is, in the brushed one brushes are used to make the motor spin whereas in brushless ones it is done electronically.

Brushless motors have high speed and make less noise than brushed motors.

Working Principle of Brushless Direct Current Motor Fans

Brushless Direct Current Motor Fans
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BLDC motors like other motors consist of Stator and Rotor. Magnetic force causes the rotor to rotate when the stator and rotor have the same polarities. Therefore, in order to maintain the same polarity on the rotor and stator at all times, which aids in continuous spinning of the rotor, we must modify the polarity in the stator.

Use of an electrical drive for continuous polarity changes in the stator. Thus, in a brushless DC motor, the need for brushes to flip the electromagnetic field is eliminated.

BLDC Brands Available in India

BLDC Brands Available
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Let us take a look at the different brands of BLDC fans available in India.

Crompton: Introduced in 2019, Energion BLDC fans are robust, energy-efficient fans and have a 5-year warranty. It also can operate at a wide range of voltage.

Atomberg: Atomberg Renesa is the clear winner in the BLDC category with 4.3 out of 5 stars given by 26,650 customers on Amazon.

Havells: Havels entered into the BLDC market in 2019 with their launch of Efficiencia Neo and have produced more models in the subsequent years.

Pros and Cons of BLDC Fans

Pros of BLDC Fans:

Pros of BLDC Fans
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Maintenance Cost-Effective: BLDC fan does not have any hidden maintenance costs since the absence of brushes make it less problematic. The friction caused by the brushes sliding over the revolving commutator segments results in power losses that can be substantial.

Performance of Air Delivery: BLDC ceiling fans deliver an air-flow of about 230 CMM (Cubic Meter per Minute) and are better compared to other fans. Their higher torque is also one of the reasons for their good performance.

Efficient Power Consumption: On an average a BLDC fan consumes around 28-40 watts, whereas a traditional ceiling fan consumes around 70-80 watts and this difference can help you save around ₹1500-2000 each year. And this is just for a single fan. Any household will have a minimum of 3 fans and your savings can be anywhere between ₹4500-6000 every year.

Inverter Personified: Conventional fans use more energy when operating in inverter mode, placing an extra stress on the inverter and hastening the battery’s discharge. On the other hand, when powered by inverters, BLDC fans use extremely little power. Therefore, you can utilize BLDC ceiling fans throughout the entire house at once without harming them or the inverter.

Lesser Noise: You can hear a low humming sound whenever you run a fan because of the friction of the brushes. Since there are no brushes here, there is no chance of friction and thus it leads to very minimal noise.

Regulating the Speed: Regulators used to regulate speed in conventional fans powered by induction motors manage the current flow by using the capacitive resistance principle to raise or lower the fan speed. Fans with BLDC motors have their speed adjusted by digitally adjusting the current going into the motor. BLDC motor fans typically use a remote control to regulate speed instead of traditional regulators.

Durability: Brushes ultimately put on out, from time to time inflicting risky sparking, restricting the lifespan of a brushed motor. Brushless DC fans are lighter and feature a good deal longer lifespans.

Minimal Heat Generation: The thick copper cables used in Brushless Direct Current fans ensure longer lifespan and at the same time have low winding issues which prevents overheating.

Sustainable Environment: Lower energy consumption means it is great news for the ecosystem and we all need to do our part in making a greener environment for the future generations.

Runs on Low Current: Even if you use solar panels at your home or you use inverters and your current is low, Brushless Direct Current fans can run efficiently with them.

Cons of BLDC Fans:

Cons of BLDC Fans
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Bit Expensive: A BLDC fan is a bit more expensive when compared to conventional fans. Conventional fans start at ₹1200 whereas BLDC ones start around ₹3000. But that said, this extra cost can be recovered in the first year itself by the amount we get from energy savings.

Tricky Installation: Since the technology is new many local technicians may not be aware of it and may face challenges in installing it. The electromagnets connected to the electronic control unit makes the wiring even more complicated.

Not ideal for low speeds: When operated at low speeds it may cause a little vibration.

Requires Electronic Switching Controller: Most of the Brushless Direct Current fans come with a remote controller and this is the suggested way to operate or regulate them and this adds to the overall cost and also loss of remote controller results in buying a new one.

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New technology has always been the crowd favorite since it has the looks and is also cost effective. BLDC fans can operate at low current, save money and come with a remote control.

Another important feature that is available in BLDC fans are sleep and timer functions. These functions are greatly helpful when you are asleep, you can just set the required level as in an AC and sleep peacefully.

Why wait? When you can try the latest BLDC technology available with different brands and bring home a new fan and save money.


How much can I save with BLDC fans in a year?

You can save approximately ₹1500-2000 with one fan per year.

Which is better? BLDC or a Regular ceiling fan?

With its performance, durability, and energy savings, the BLDC clearly beats the regular ceiling fan.

Which companies sell BLDC fans?

All major companies such as Crompton, Havells, Orient and Atomberg sell BLDC ceiling fan.

Which BLDC fan is the best?

Atomberg is one of the successful brands when it comes to selling BLDC fans.

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